L'hyper escape game - EN

The escape game

A unique concept

Between reality and virtual world, this “Hyper Escape Game” concept created exclusively for the Rouen Donjon throws out the usual rules of a heritage site and breaks down the boundaries of a traditional escape game.

Between real life and the virtual world

The team locked inside this exhibition about the siege of Rouen has to go back and forth non-stop to 1419 so they can find the Donjon's ultimate secret.

Virtual reality offers players access to new puzzles outside the donjon walls and beyond the present day for more authentic historic immersion.

The Oculus Quest headset

The Rouen Donjon offers a virtual reality experience with the Oculus Quest headset. This multi-player VR headset is wireless and completely self-operating.

It provides fluid interactions between reality and the virtual world. Players can move freely from the past to the present

An original scenario : The Blanchard Mystery

"You are a team of treasure hunters and you've come to help Old Paul's assistant. Paul was a kind archaeologist who spent his entire life, right up until his recent death, managing with the collections and exhibitions of the Donjon. He left behind a posthumous letter in which he says that he hid a priceless treasure in the heart of the Donjon. But time is running out! An English aristocrat has just purchased the exhibition and is arriving in one hour to finalise the transfer of the collection."


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday:
4:30 to 11:30 pm

4:30 to 10:00 pm

From the age of 8
60-minute game
Group of 3 to 6 players
Price: starting at €17.50 per person




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